We accept students from all valley schools!


It is a place where your children find help completing daily homework assignments and study for the upcoming tests. The key to excel in school at any subject is in doing your homework well. We strongly believe, when the student succeeds in school by doing their homework, they don’t need an “extracurricular” studies.



WHAT is ERUDITES' approach


Repetitio mater studiorum est.  Repetition is the mother of all learning.




It is rewarding (sense of achievement) when a student understands, learns and solves a problem, whether it’s math, physics or what have you. This gets magnified when a student does it repetitively, cementing the conceptual understanding and the practical skill. At Erudites, we are committed to provide structured and disciplined approach to homework day in and day out, until it becomes a good habit of doing homework in a structured and disciplined way on their own. One of the best ways to accelerate your success and achievement in any area of learning is to practice, drill and rehearse it until it becomes natural and fluent, in other words - doing your homework!




At Erudites we strengthen the process of learning by promoting the habit of organizing the study materials, supplemental handouts & work assignments.




We promote the planning and assessment as part of a learning process. Planners are introduced and kids are encouraged to assess their learning goals, creating their study plan and keeping track of their progress on Test Preps and Projects completions. 




Our instructors have extensive knowledge on all subjects listed and set to provide personal assistance as needed.




Students are guided and encouraged to find answers by utilizing critical thinking approach and derive the solutions by reviewing and analyzing given examples. Our instructors will guide them through the process, which will enhance their analytical ability and critical thinking approach to identify the steps taken and apply them to their current assignments. 




We encourage our students to maximize their learning efforts by using "pen and paper" approach on all subjects. Writing down short notes or brief comments, making flash cards or vocabulary pocket books can improve students' information retention rate for subjects such as ‘Foreign Languages’ or ‘History’ just as much as actual problem solving in Math or Physics.



Erudites curriculum is the same as your child's school curriculum. Students will work solely on their home assignments. Erudites might use additional materials for test preparations to supplement the existing study guides, such as examples, interesting facts, mini quizzes, etc.


 Erudites' approach is different from other learning centers. 

Homework can be overwhelming with ton of work. We combine conceptual understanding of the subject and systematic practice (exercising) approach.  It is done while actually completing the homework assignments and not as an extra work for kids (unlike other Learning Centers). And, Erudites is not just a Math or a Language Center. We do them all, homework that is: Languages, Humanities, Sciences, Economics and of course different levels of Math.  Ask your kids, how do they feel about doing extra work after school when they still have a homework waiting for them when they get home. Our approach is to get your homework done and go home to have a quality time with your family (or play a little, games that is!)